Monday, October 06, 2008

Susan Semonick Says Goodbye To LFP Readers & Susan Is Not Running For Langley School Board

With great sadness this LFP Editor says goodbye and thank you to Susan Semonick for her excellent LFP coverage of School Board issues since 2006. Her contributions will remain in LFP archives for all to refer to. If anyone in the Langleys would wish to become the Langley School Board/Education LFP critic or anything else, email the LFP EDITOR or even contact Susan herself for info. Again, Susan thank you so very much, it's been indeed a pleasure! Following is Susan's final LFP submission. We welcome LFP reader comments, far below, wishing to thank Susan for her demonstrated passion for education excellence in the Langleys. - LFP EDITOR

Well readers, it is my time to say adieu to you. After the last Board meeting, I left so disappointed that despite the urgings of many people, I have decided not to run in the next election. It would be great if LFP is able to find someone to replace me as a contributor. I have enjoyed trying to give the public insight into the Board and advising you of issues.

Now, the antics at the Board table have become more of a gong show than ever expected. All I can say to whoever wins at the polls is start fresh - hold respect for the community who elected you and take the steps to correct past errors in changes to policy #1204.

I hope the discussion and debates will actually focus on reporting on real issues and developing constructive ideas on how to improve conditions within the school district. Please put aside your egos, grudges, hurt feelings, etc. and concentrate on what is important - delivering a high quality public education to each and every one of our students in this district. Dissolve the SDBC; and stop contributing money that can be used directly in the classroom to outside (at arm length) interest groups namely the School District Foundation. Let the Foundation stand on its own feet.

Request that the Ministry of Education amalgamate the electoral ballot for the Board of Education in School District 35 for the next election so that true voter parity and democracy can be served. Good luck to the students; I wish them all a well-balanced, high-quality education.

I leave you with a suggestion to improve the Board’s communication and behavior toward the public - that is, to lobby the Board to record into the Board meeting minutes all questions asked during question period along with the responses provided. This will give a snap shot for reference in the future. I believe this would also be a small step toward repairing what damage has been done and begin to restore the trust of the public in the Board of Education.

Thought of the day: Providing choice does have a cost. What must be determined is, is it really worth it?

So long, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen

Susan Semonick

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