Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smartgrowth-Transportation Langley Township Council Candidates Debate Oct 21

Incumbent Candidate Kim Richter responds in this video on the question of her Langley transportation priorities. She takes moderator Frank Bucholtz (Times Editor) to task for plugging Bateman's blog and not Richter's blog (LFP) in his previous introductions. In this other Video, Kim Richter explains to the audience what she thinks Langley's great strengths are to build on. Also on transportation options, are videos of new Langley Township council candidates: businessman Glen Tomblin and firefighter Dan Sheel. View Glen's Video. View Dan's Video.

Langley Free Press will highlight other candidates from the next debates. Any preferences? LFP photographer, Bob Richter will attend with his trusty camera. Post your comments/suggestions below.

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