Friday, August 08, 2008

VALTAC - Country Picnic in the Park - We Need Light Rail Now!

Photos and comments courtesy of Bob Richter.

LFP's own Photog, Bob Richter, was at today's event and posted above his picture album report of Valley Transportation Advisory Committee or VALTAC's 2nd annual Picnic in The Park to help raise awareness about the need for better transit options in Langley and other parts of the Fraser Valley.

The highlight was the unveiling of VALTAC's outstanding latest mural decorated mobile 53 foot long trailer with it's banner headline, “Bring Community Rail back to the Fraser Valley Now!” as reported in today's Langley Times (why the Times choose to publish this story on page 6 of their paper is unbelievable to this Editor but not surprising).

By the way VALTAC, this Editor likes your new web page format. For way more directions and further information scroll all the way down below to the LFP calender and select Sat. Aug. 8th, VALTAC picnic calender posting. Don't forget to tell Bob when there, that you are there because you read about it on LFP and not buried on page 6 of the Langley Times! LOL !!!

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