Sunday, August 31, 2008

LFP Rumor Mill - You Heard It here First! - Paterson to Run For Township Council

Very reliable sources advise that Sonya Paterson, the hard working President of VALTAC and currently a sitting Langley School Board Trustee will in the next few weeks announce that she will be running to be elected this November as a Langley Township Councillor! Reliable sources suggest that she has decided to instead run for Township Council because of the recent Provincial government reported study of rail for the valley being delayed until after the provincial election. This, in LFP's opinion as well as many others, essentially is deep sixing the promised study. I am told this was the final straw that convinced her to now seek political office in the Township to help fight for light rail transit in Langley and the Valley.
It is also no secret that as often reported in LFP that even though most of council talks a great talk about needing light rail in the valley that it is clear that the Mayor Alberts Township council "Good Ole boy's Club" slate is essentially just paying lip service to any real action on this urgent item and essentially supports the Provincial Liberal Transportation agenda whatever that may be. The "Good Ole boy's Club" has never walked the talk.
In fact, even Councillor Jordan Bateman has essentially in this Editor's opinion helped minimize and obfuscate the LRT interurban urgency by ridiculously advocating streetcars in addition to the interurban which a recent expert said would cost $50 to 100 million for a very small steetcar route and primarily be built in Langley City only! To suggest and promote streetcars in rural Langley and the Fraser valley when more densly populated Vancouver urban areas would clearly merit getting any streetcars first is absurd indeed. See this link about Bateman's own transportation blog reported about here before.
This Township council's connections with the BC Liberals is quite extensive and overly partisan. Councillor Bateman is Langley's Provincial Liberal Rich Coleman's executive riding association VP and was a communications consultant for him and the Liberals as well. Liberal minister Rich Coleman recently publicly endorsed Mayor Alberts and Langley City Liberal MP Mary Polak who also attended Mayor Alberts fund raising event as well.
This Editor asked sitting Councillor Kim Richter what she thought of the rumored Sonya Paterson run for Township Council, Richter said: "Sonya would be a very welcome addition to council because she knows the issues and she is a very hard worker."
You heard it all here first on LFP.

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