Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Both Hilary Clinton & John McCain Could Both Win! A John McCain/Hilary Clinton Team Ticket Running Mates for the White House!

Well it's in. The Democratic National Congress voted and pretty much settled Hilary Clinton's last chance to win the nomination for the U.S. democratic presidential nomination. They decided today to seat the full delegates of both Michigan and Florida at the Democratic convention but will only allow them a half vote! Many Hilary supporters are today truly upset and incensed saying that they will now support Republican John McCain.

With only three state primaries now left and if Obama & Clinton split these final three then Obama will only need 24 of the estimated 200 remaining uncommitted super delegates to clinch the democratic nomination whereas Hilary will require 150 of the 200 uncommitted super delegates.

Possible? Yes. Likely? No.

So this Editor believes that the Clintons will slog on in the primaries tomorrow in Puerto Rico and in final two primaries in Montana & South Dakota on Tuesday. Will she take the fight to the national convention in July? Will they fight tooth in nail to get the required super delegates?

Irrespective, I have a scenario that could help both Hilary & McCain and the USA all come out winners and indeed help them win the whole election too!

Whatever happens, if Obama wins and he obviously will not choose to select Hilary as his Vice President running mate, there is another option that could be a strategic option for the American voters that want real change in their national politics. Here's my suggested scenario.

The democratic primary votes are split with democratic delegates comprised of women, older voters and the average working and middle class members clearly supporting Hilary over Obama. Unless Obama sincerely & publicly asks Hilary to become his VP running mate, the democratic party is now damaged and split irreversibly along racial, gender and economic lines.

The opportunity now exists for a revolutionary & innovative new idea that in this Editor's opinion would satisfy the dis-enfranchised democratic delegates as well as the now marginalized Democratic delegates from Michigan and even more so the general election voter rich Florida delegates. More importantly all center left & right republican & democratic voters and especially all women voters are still looking where to finally park their general election votes. Among his Republican peers, Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is considered more as a left leaning republican and Hilary outside of her stance on health care is viewed more as a conservative and right leaning in comparison to Obama. McCain has the unwanted, burdensome and dangerous general election baggage of the American general anger, dislike and dis-satisfaction with his republican party's predecessor George Bush and his years of rule.

So here is my strategic scenario. McCain should negotiate with the Clintons to have Hilary run as his VP running mate. To do so he comes out publicly and says its time for America to heal itself nationally and international and to usher in a new political era of teamwork, compromise and true innovative leadership and real change that the American people all seem to now want especially in light of the severe looming economic recession and the very poor world view of the U.S.!

Both McCain And the Clintons will have to compromise obviously for a win-win policy agreement in advance that would probably include vital concessions by McCain on health care universality and on the Iraq war. If they compromise on these I believe that the John McCain/Hilary Clinton running team/ticket would easily take the White House no matter who decides to run with Obama

Heck, even this Editor (I am not an American b-t-way) would find this innovative team refreshing and very enticing and irresistible. Impossible you say? Why not? Maybe its the plan already! In any event, if this suggestion is not taken up, this Editor believes that McCain should alternatively find another very strong and very well recognized female as his VP running mate to scoop the US democratic and general population of female voters that will be upset that Hilary is not on the final Democratic ticket.

Reality can sometimes be stranger than fiction! Vote McCain/Clinton!

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