Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Energy Non-Crisis -The Other Side of The Story?

The foregoing video clip speaker Lindsey Williams, in Oct 2007 predicted oil would climb to US $4.oo to $5.oo and more a gallon. He laid the blame not on dwindling peak oil reserves, nor at the oil producing countries, nor the oil companies. He points directly to the middle-men. Very powerful middle-men and financiers indeed. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

He goes back to the 1960's when all the world's oil producing countries agreed to set the price of oil in US dollars and further they all agreed to also continually purchase up the US national debt with their profits. Hence propping up the USA despite a crushing debt/deficit. The US national debt is now at $ 8 trillion dollars and still on a steep climb upwards! Only two countries ever refused to sign this world oil pact. Iraq & Iran (after Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Iran have the 2nd and 3rd largest world oil reserves).

The 9/11 attack and the WMD solved the Iraq problem and the sabres are still rattling in Washington around Iran about their so-called nuclear threat capability! Iran has apparently threatened to flood the world with cheap oil and to set their price of oil in EUROS and not in US $! If more oil like the supposed Alaskan Gull Island reserves (he says just one single & classified Gull Island oil discovery can fuel america for 200 years and there are more there) and many other abundant oil reserves flooded the market or if Iran followed up on their threat, unopposed, Williams suggests that the US debt ridden economy would collapse immediately and precipitously along with the dollar. That is why he says the "Bush/Cheney dynasty is milking America for everything its worth..". The high oil price is propping up the US financially and funds the IMF and the World Bank. All at the cost of us, the public, desperately paying for gas & oil.

Fact or fiction? This Editor suggests that this is "another side of the story" that deserves some consideration. It got this Editor's attention certainly! The mysterious IMF and World Bank is an enigma and has always been a silent and very guarded mystery to the population as a whole that clearly pulls and yanks far more chains globally with dramatic repurcussions to you and me!

What do you think? Right wing conspiracy rhetoric or some bit of reality? Below are some more links that deserve consideration about Lindsey Williams line of thought. I dug these up by googling keywords. If you google or find any other interesting and related links please forward them to me for posting.

Lindsey Williams actual book "The Energy Non-Crisis" word for word.

Sidebar: Iran in the Crosshairs

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