Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Democracy, Openness & Free Speech You Say?

Speaking about anonymous letters, 24 HOURS columnist and CKNW weekly commentator, Bill Tieleman, could certainly speak to the subject in detail as a result of receiving three death threats over his covering China's human rights record. See Bill's blogsite and here too for complete details and further links.


- I can kill you. you are wait!!!!!!!! (sic).
- I am in CKNW, I am normal Chinese. I must kill you and your family.
- Kill you! you clean your neck (sic), enjoy your last day, just wait, you will pay for this!

"Democracy, openness, free speech, free editorial opinion (serious or satirical as we oft practise on LFP as well) is a valuable commodity that should not be whittled away or sequestered in any way, shape or form, from you the public, by self-serving politicians or by anyone else! Bill, please keep up the good cause." - LFP EDITOR

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