Thursday, March 20, 2008

Neighbours blame new subdivision for flooding (The Province, 20 Mar 2008, Page A9)

This Mayor Alberts' "Good Ole boys Club" (GObC) Township council have essentially been allowing uncontrolled clear cutting for all new housing developements which has been causing severe flooding situations all over the township. To boot this same gaggle of the GObC council has now been even seperately taxing us for basically storm water fixes and then also increasing this tax 12 to 17 % compounded each year because they are creating a bigger compounded problem each & every year by allowing even more clear cutting! Face it this council has ignored the real problem and to remediate it as best possible, has the gall to add a ever increasing storm water tax too to boot! Then you even have some ridiculous letter writer that complains that the recent tax break considerations for not logging (clear cutting) existing rural tracks of land is stupid & political grandstanding! And it even looks like we may have Cllr. Bateman (he was not at the initial meeting) probably wade in to criticize this too based on his what appears to be his negative leaning comments about this Richter motion that passed to look at providing some incentives to those that retain their treed acreages! Who needs trees Jordan? Heck, we might as well elimimate garbage blue boxes too. Why not even forget about building to environmentaly smart silver LEED standards while we are at it! As the letter writer suggests even these environmental initiatives equally don't amount to a hill of beans either on the larger scheme of things, so why do we do it? How ludicrous is the letter writer's closed mind suggestions and anyone else that supports his crap! Read below about this Mayor Alberts' council slate storm water problems created by uncontrolled developement.

Neighbours blame new subdivision for flooding
The Province
20 Mar 2008

Massive runoff from the new High Point development in south Langley is flooding yards and suffocating fish, say critics. “The development is not going smoothly. It’s very awkward,” Langley Township director of community development Ramin Seifi said... read more...

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