Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Langley MP Mark Warawa's Mail That You Won't Hear About!

Previously LFP posted commentary about the outrageous full page ads paid for by taxpayer dollars for Langley MP Mary Polak. She is not alone. Read this letter sent to Langley MP Mark Warawa complaining about his wasteful spending on thousands and thousands of taxpayer paid for newsletters sent by Laila Yuile and also posted on her blog site. Kudos, your dead on Laila! This is no longer communicating pertinent and important news with constituents. This is all about partisan self serving and preserving their gross salaries for their negligible efforts as our elected representatives. I guess many politicians especially obscure backbencers, have to subscribe to please "spell my name right" for the next election so that they can keep getting their fat paychecks and do very little else!...

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