Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vecchiato's Voice - July 12, 2007 - That's Entertainment - Pirates vs Township Council!

Sunday, July 8th. Leave at 7 pm to see Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End. Pay too much $19.90 for myself and a nine year old. Try to figure out during film if screen writers did too many drugs. Assume probably yes. Wonder why people stabbed with epees come back to life. Wonder what 'up is down' means in the context of theme. Squirm at close up of Johnny Depp’'s nose. Large pores and blackheads. Close-ups of sex symbol's facial skin should never be shown unless airbrushed. Get on the Clinque men'’s program, Depp. Leave at 11 pm, bewildered, but stayed for final surprise segment after the credits.

Monday, July 9th. Leave house at 6:50. Go to Presentation Theatre in resplendent township hall and enter during first presentation. Langley will be 150 years old. Special logo with acknowledgement of First Nations added to Langley logo. Still think the flower looks like an edelweiss. Wrong country. Like the added canoe and frogs. Compensating for 150 years of bad behaviour is subtle and tasteful.

Listen to delegation regarding planned park on 202A south of Mountain Secondary. Delegate points out that township has exempted itself from the development tree by-law. Section 5.1 truly ambiguous. Use of double negatives to confuse anyone who bothers to read it. Councilor Richter asks that if they are exempt, then they could cut down the redwoods on park land. Answer is affirmative. No one at the long council table reacts. Delegate is thanked. No further discussion.

Next is a development at Gloucester Estates. Richter points out that original conservation areas not shown. Engineering cannot guarantee if tree removal in conservation area is probable, but guesses it is. Mayor dismisses Richter’'s point. Asks council for a vote to approve the submission. All councilors raise hands in unison except Richter. Smooth as a group of synchronized swimmers. I wonder if they have practiced this routine over dinner. Boys will raise hands when questioned by Mayor; girls not included.

Next subject is environmental design to be added to buildings. Bateman believes it should be mandated, not suggested; Mayor disagrees but allows a vote. Mayor seems to approve of each development submission 'as is.' Done deal. No one else asks questions. Richter seconds Bateman's motion. Something may change.

8:10 pm. I have to leave. I am going to miss the rest of this. I note that Mayor controls microphones. Think that mayor would look better on a throne. Remember seeing him at the Langley parade in a horse-drawn carriage. Makes me think of Dicken's’ England. We are the huddled masses with little chance of changing our station in life. When the carriage passed by, I imagine mud splattering on those afoot. No apologies. We deserve it, don't we?

Cost of : Pirates of the Caribbean: $19.90 plus $8 for popcorn and small drink.
Cost of Council meeting: Nothing.
Entertainment value: Pirates was more believable.

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