Thursday, July 26, 2007

Township Audio Tape Top Picks by LFP - He Said - She Said or "I've Got A Witness"?!

This Editor just loves listening to some of the Langley Township Council discussions. Now you can listen to some choice ones too as selected by this LFP Editor as well. Be patient, depending on your computer it may take a few minutes to download the audio onto your audio player. But it's well worth it!

The following recording is between Councillor Kim Richter & Steve Ferguson at the July 9th 2007 Council meeting. At this meeting Richter asks if all Councillors can at their whim and wish use township tax-payer staff, facilities and resources to hold their own self serving or otherwise meetings. What ensues is an hilarious 'he said- she said' discussion about a meeting where Ferguson arbitrarily got free use of a meeting room at a township firehall, he also got high paid Township staff to attend and make presentations and discuss tabled issues as well by the Chair Steve Ferguson! To top it off, his essentially private taxpayer funded meeting was not advertised publicly nor were any of the other Township councillors apparently invited! So just imagine if all 9 council members had these freebie meetings every week all over the place. Good taxpayer investment? Do you think?

The first audio (click here) is the actual "he said - she said" heated discussion. The second audio (click here) is the complete discussion. Footnote: This Editor understands that the witness in question corroborates Councillor Richter's version. P.S. note that the local press once again reports not a peep on this item at all to obviously not help the taxpayer get an real insight on their elected council choices. Why? Why not?

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