Saturday, June 28, 2008

Congratulations ! Whoever You Are - Township Tax Protesters - Wednesday July 2nd - 1 to 4 PM at Township Hall !

What To Do This Weekend ! LOL
It's just glorious to see that despite the recent flurry of outrageous, incestuous, despicable and very questionable and suspect endorsements from all the political self serving cabal elite in Langley for the incumbent "Good Ole boy's Club" that at least there are some obviously ordinary people, taxpayers, that clearly are not happy with the status quo of the present Spend, Borrow and TAX increase Good Ole boy's on Mayor Alberts Langley Township Council slate
Today I was both pleasantly surprised and very heartened to find the above flyer on my car's windshield at a local mall (double-click here to see the whole flyer in large detail to print it & distribute it to?). Whoever you are congratulations for finally seeing the light. Who are you though? Our volunteer photographer, Bob, will be there on July 2nd to get pictures and story details of your protest. Good luck and we at LFP hope you have a great turnout and this Editor certainly hopes that you notified all the media about this as nothing to date other than this flyer has caught my attention about your protest.

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