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LFP Views On The Local News Feb 27 - 2008 - Gotta Luv You Letter Writers!

Gotta luv those local letters to the Editors! On one hand today's Langley Times has the Princess & The Pea B & B (formerly Travelers hotel) prominent Langley entrepreneur Wally Martin singing the praises of traffic circles which this Mayor Alberts' council slate of "good Ole boys" just always seem to generate controversy about just about every time without fail!

Wally also previously submitted his opinions in a letter to the Langley Advance on his suggestion that '(Fraser) River water (is) more than needed' and could give us easily tons of unlimited groundwater water resources which presently abundantly feeds our northern boundary aquifers that we are all overlooking and under resourcing for all of Township. Then, Langley's most prolific devil's advocate, political critic & wordsmith craftsman, Blair King, responds as only he can do, to surgically and technically dissect each and every one of Wally's arguments in his patently detailed fashion! Those who debate him dread it. Just kidding Blair. This Editor luvs youe!

You heard it here first! One of the Pona's is definitely going to be running as a school trustee challenging the sitting "infamous gang of 4" . The fact that Lyle Pona has taken the time to write a letter (today's Times - ‘Thought police’at work) condemning the Langley School Trustees hiring of a lawyer to go after overly complainant taxpayers speaks volumes! My hunch is that their daughter will probably run if her mother Dianne Pona (former trustee) does not. Dianne & Lyle were (are?) active, significant and prominent NDP party members. Their political acumen and guidance could just maybe propel their daughter to replace the wildly unpopular "infamous gang of 4" .

Thank you Joyce Justus for your Times letter Feb 22ND that says;

"I would like to know who pays for Mary Polak’s full-page ads in both The Times and The Advance? These ads are usually just photos of where she has been, such as one with a cake at the blood donor clinic, Did she give a pint of blood, or come for the cake?
I have not read anything that was real constructive — about something she has done for Langley."

These bold, big, full page generally page two Mary Polak ads have astounded this Editor as well. They must cost thousands and thousands of taxpayer's money that share no pertinent info other than what essentially Joyce describes. I have ranted on about this before as well. Heck, imagine in Lynn Stevens day, prior to Mary, I was even upset about Lynn's business card sized ads that essentially just used to say "Lynn Stevens Cares about Langley". At least MLA Rich Coleman makes them public service ads with some highlighting individual community members. These Mary Polak ads are extravagant, disgusting, self serving and a waste of our money, period! Bet you will never see any newspaper editorial condemning these ads!

Penny Anderlini, who organized thousands of signatures against any water metering takes issue with Mayor Alberts penchant for his re-writing of history attempts when once again he is caught with his proverbial hand in the cookie jar! She specifically in the Times Feb 24 edition says that the mayor is speaking out of both sides of his mouth (as are the rest of the Council 'Good Ole boys' in this Editor's opinion). Specifically they give the impression that they were on top of this Water Plan when they certainly would have blindly passed the flawed water management plan that called for water metering and a translink kind of water taxation governing body that Cllr. Kim Richter warned us all about first here in LFP. Face it, they are just covering their asses and attempting to re-write history again because they got caught with their pants down! Penny, you are dead on. Please pass the word around to all of the thousands of your captured signatures to vote anybody but ALL the "Good Ole boys" on township council!

Aldergrove community activist Wayne Boylan writes in today's Times critical of the front page coverage afforded by the Times to newly declared Township Mayor candidate Rick Green. He also asks that Mayor Alberts gets equal time as well (hmm...wonder who he supports?). On the positive side Wayne does call Alberts Council a 'Slate' at least which I expect may well cause Alberts perhaps to send in another rare correcting letter! But more frightening is the fact that he essentially thinks any ordinary taxpayer stepping up to the political plate should not get any media play! Think again Wayne. My concern is that there has been obviously far too much partisan political favorites by the Editors and reporters of their personal friends be it former journalists or other partisan personal & political biases that influence their writings. If these professional Editors & reporters have these biases get an LFP or LP political blog of their own instead! Worse still Wayne is that these same professional press sadly ignore those on council that essentially just take up valuable space and time and essentially contribute nothing. The Press should have a duty to tell the public about the lack of performance/capability as well of our elected representatives. Every time one of them gets re-elected I put the blame squarely on the professional local media.

The bottom line is that the local press are at least doing what seems to this Editor to be a stellar job of publishing taxpayers letters. Thanks to this we at least have had some excellent, valuable comments, ideas and discussion for the broader community to mull over especially in this weeks newspaper wasteland! Also it is astounding to say the least at the amount of dissatisfaction with this Mayor Alberts' "Good Ole boys Club"council never seem before especially by many prominent and long term Langleyites as well (except Wayne of course!). I'm looking forward to November 15Th 2008 at around 11 pm to see how many of the Ole boys do lose their jobs! As Brittany sings.... 'bye, bye boys' !

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