Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Back! & Translink Board is On Death Watch

Back From Holidays! See ya all tomorrow for my new views on news! What's new & exciting in Langley? Township still taxing ,borrowing and spending? City still fighting #1 crime, graffiti? Local MLAs deadly quiet as usual except for their tax payer funded daily newspaper ads saying that they really do care? Is Wawa still working as our super passport administrator? Is the School board planning to close all the schools except for eventually maybe just one Langley Super School gulag perhaps?

Seriously though upon my return I now hear that the Translink governance as we have known it is now inches from death courtesy of Lib K. Falcon. So in the past two years what has our Translink Director (Mayor Kurt Alberts) gotten us in Langley Township. Answer...0. Obviously he's no City Mayor Grinnell who got loads for the city including the ridiculously ugly and wrongly located overpass! (However it does provide a direct route to their cash cow casino from Langley Township!)But to her credit she delivered for the City & she did get it! Meanwhile not one single Translink funded trophy for Langley Township! What a waste of time and an opportunity lost. But he did get paid for the Translink meetings. Handsomely, I might add!

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